Birchbox November 2013 UK!

Hey Guys, 

I received my Birchbox yesterday, and here’s what I got:



 Laura Mercier Long lash Mascara, Sample size, Full size retails for £18.50

I’m really excited to try this mascara, the wand looks really small and it should be perfect for my bottom lashes. 


 Matriskin High Performance Collagen MP Serum, Sample size 7.5ml, Full size retails for £80.50

I’ve never heard of the the brand Matriskin before, but reading about it and looking at the price makes me think thats it’s a luxury, high end brand and I’m really looking forward to try it. Trouble is even if I like it, I don’t think I could ever spend £80.50 on a serum!


 Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo, Sample Size 18ml, Full size retails for £8.95

I’m looking forward to try this shampoo, I wish it was a bigger sample though. I’ve tried the Weleda ‘Skin food’ before and really liked it, so would be nice to try another product from the brand.


 Chella Highlighter Pencil, Full size £15.95

This is the only full size product, which I’m looking forward to try. It’s great for highlighting the brow bone, cheek bones and the inner corners of the eye.


 English Laundry  Eau De Perfum sample, Full size from £16

I really don’t like getting perfume samples, as you can pick these up for free from the beauty counters. I’ve never heard of this brand but the perfume smells really lovely.


I also received a lifestyle extra (Pukka Tea), as well as a beauty extra (Birchbox Pencil Sharpener)



 I’d love to know what you got in your box, so please share in the comments below.

Vicki xx



  1. November 16, 2013 / 7:12 pm

    I love that they included a cute little pencil sharpener! Looking forward to hearing how the mascara works for you =D

    • November 18, 2013 / 2:58 pm

      I couldn’t wait to try the mascara but i was left really disappointed 🙁 it didn’t do anything for my lashes hun 🙁 did not work at all xx

      • November 20, 2013 / 5:36 pm

        Oh noo, it’s always an extra-bummer when something doesn’t work that you were looking forward to. On the plus side, at least it was in a Birchbox not something you specially bought to try?

        • November 22, 2013 / 9:52 am

          Yea that’s it hun, if i have bought the full size product, i would have been really disappointed 🙁 xx

  2. November 16, 2013 / 9:33 pm

    Loved what you got hun, i misd out on that Matriskin serum it was in my surveys… but disappeared and i didn’t receive it in my box. Booo! lol But so glad i got the Mascara though 🙂 x x x

    • November 18, 2013 / 2:56 pm

      Really? You should msg them babe and they will send you one that happened to me before xxx

      • November 18, 2013 / 3:17 pm

        Just sent birchbox an email now i hope they can replace it. fingers crossed. x x

        • November 18, 2013 / 3:45 pm

          I’m sure they will xx

  3. November 18, 2013 / 3:30 pm

    Your box looked great hun! We got the same except the Mascara and the Matriskin Serum! How were they? xxx

    • November 18, 2013 / 3:48 pm

      Thanks hun, the serum is really lovely, it’s a shame it’s so expensive! The mascara did nothing for my lashes 🙁 i’m so disappointed, it may work for other people but definitely doesn’t work for me xxx

      • November 18, 2013 / 3:55 pm

        I guess it let’s you try it though 🙁 aww thats a shame to hear that! It’s worse when you are looking forward to trying something and it disappoints! I got the laura mercier body butter and the lip define fill from Lila’lli which were great. My reviews up on my blog hun! xxx

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