What Your Wristwatch Says About You?

When you’re buying a wristwatch for a loved one or even yourself, the most important thing to remember is that it matches the characteristics and lifestyle of the wearer. A watch should be an extension of one’s personality, which is why so many people have come up with their own guides on choosing the right timepiece. Every watch tells a different story.

As the fashion e-shop Lyst says, a watch adds style and substance to your look, but if you want to know a little more of the personality types associated with the various brands, here’s a little glimpse:

The king of luxury watches is often the go-to brand, for those that love tradition, respect the classics, and work hard to afford the good things in life, but it doesn’t mean they splurge on anything with an outrageous price tag. A Rolex is a good investment, and like they are with their watches, they only trust the things that have been tried-and-tested. Experimentation and spontaneity aren’t really their strong suits.


Panerai is hailed as the maker of cult wristwatches as they often manufacture limited edition products suited to the interest of their fans, building somewhat of a cult following. Anyone who wears anything from the Swiss collection is most likely a former (possibly current) hipster that’s a bit eccentric and probably loves watching Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino films, among other cult classics.

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Patek Philippe
Producers of one of the most complicated mechanical timepieces in the world, a person that sports a Patek Philippe on her wrist is probably an entrepreneur or business tycoon of sorts. It says that you’re independent but also suggests that you have a queen-of-the-world attitude.


Apple Watch
As mobile continues to spearhead most tech trends, the public have welcomed innovations like the Apple Watch that is now available at Hermès. Although the product comes in various styles, a wearer of a luxury Apple Watch is sleek, modern, tech savvy, and runs on a strict schedule, which is why it’s essential for him or her to have a computer on their wrist.


Grand Seiko
Grand Seiko have perfected the art of creating timeless luxury watches through their expert craftsmanship and mechanical engineering. Usually a Seiko wearer would be deemed fiscally conservative, but someone that’s got a Grand Seiko on their wrist is demonstrating the importance of elegance, simplicity and precision in a watch, and their life. Some might even call the wearer a perfectionist.


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