All about my Olaplex Treatment. Does it work?

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day!

I was recently invited to Colour Nation-a hair salon in central London to have a complimentary Olaplex treatment and try it out in exchange for my honest review. You’ve probably all heard the hype about this new revolutionary salon treatment that claims to repair even the most bleached and damaged hair and restore it to its natural state.

Olaplex was developed in the US and became really popular over there, everyone from top hairdressers to celebrities were talking about it. It launched in the UK only a few months ago and it’s already becoming the ‘Holy Grail’ of hair treatments.

It’s a three-step programme which works by repairing bonds within the hair shaft, these are broken during the process of hair colouring and heat styling, resulting in hair that is weak and damaged. Olaplex reduces hair breakage and makes your colour last longer. The treatment costs around £50 and it’s definitely worth the money in my opinion. I’ve spoken to a few other bloggers who’s had it done and they all love it.

The process is really easy and quick, my hairstylist began by applying the Bond Multiplier mixed with some water directly to my dry hair and brushed through to make sure all the hair was well saturated. After 10 minutes she applied the Bond Perfector over the top, which is stage two of the treatment, she left that for another 10 minutes.


The final part of the treatment is a small bottle of Hair Perfector, which you can purchase and use at home. It also contains Olaplex’s active ingredient and can be used as a weekly pre-shampoo treatment to maintain your hair in good condition until your next salon treatment.

Afterwards I had a lovely blow dry, thanks so much to my hairstylist Malgosia, she did an amazing job! My hair felt really light and feathery, it looked shiny and healthy! The Olaplex treatment definitely repaired my hair and I would highly recommend it, I think £50 is not a bad price at all and I’m already planning my next treatment. Also if you are looking for a new Hair Salon, you should check out Colour Nation it’s only a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station and I would highly recommend it, the staff are very friendly and professional.

Olaplex hair treatmentColour Nation

Have you tried Olaplex? I’d love to know your thought, so please share in the comments below 🙂

Have an amazing Easter! xo

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