New hair discoveries from L’Oreal Elvive/ Low Shampoos for fragile & colour treated hair

Today I want to share with you a couple of new hair products from L’Oreal, I’ve recently been enjoying. Since I’ve had my hair coloured/highlighted I’ve been on the hunt for a very gentle cleansing cream that is not gonna dry out my hair and these Low Shampoos have been working wonders. They are very similar to cleansing conditioners if you have used one of those.


The new Elvive Low Shampoos* are very gentle and easy to use, they have a no foam and no sulphate formula, which both conditions hair and gently removes impurities. They’ve been developed to wash your hair in one step which is really convenient and time saving as I’m sure you’ll all agree washing hair takes long! 🙂


They are available in three varieties, I have two of them – the Colour Protect and Extraordinary Oil, there’s also one specifically for the curly girls – the Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment. I wash my hair about a couple of times a week and I have been alternating the shampoos, they’re both really good but I think I prefer the oil one as it is designed for dry and delicate hair (which is what mine is at the moment) it’s also infused with six rare flower oils to nourish and strengthen your hair.


I like to apply quite a few pumps all over my hair, give it a good scrub while massaging my scalp and then clip it up and leave on for about 5 mins, then rinse off. My hair always feels well nourished and easy to brush through without having to apply any extra products. Once it’s dry it feels very light and clean.


I would highly recommend the L’Oreal Elvive Low Shampoos, they are very affordable at £6.99 each and available here

Happy Saturday my lovelies!  Victoria xo


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