Estée Lauder ‘Foundation the Nation’ with Debenhams Beauty

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Debenhams Oxford Street to take part in Estée Lauder ‘Foundation the Nation’ campaign.

I was really excited to meet the team and take part in the research. Being a lover of Double Wear foundation* I was very eager to be properly shade matched and see if I’m wearing the right shade, there is a huge selection of shades available (50+) which is amazing but Estée Lauder wanted to ensure that they are the right shades and test as many women as possible.

Estée Lauder is committed to understanding all skin tones and to be able to provide the perfect foundation for every woman.

Upon arrival I was very kindly offered coffee and breakfast and talked through the whole process before having my makeup thoroughly removed while filling out some paperwork.

I then had some photos taken in a variety of light settings, all the photos were of different parts of my face, my cheeks, under eye area etc. My skin was analysed and we discussed all the different skin tones in different light.

We also looked at sun damage, pigmentation, pores, shine a little bit like the skin analysis when you have a facial. It was very interesting to know I took part in the research for such an amazing campaign.

Global Research and Development teams have developed a unique technology, which delivers a breakthrough analysis of individual skin types across the broadest spectrum of tones. Estee Lauder are using this technology to continuously evolve their range of foundations and ensure that the optimum colour is matched, and the desired finish is achieved for everyone.

Once that was all done I was taken to have my makeup done by the lovely makeup artist who had previously removed it for me. She matched me up to the exact same shade I was already using (2W1 Dawn) which was amazing. I absolutely love Estée Lauder Double wear, it gives such a beautiful medium to full coverage without being too heavy, it just gives you that perfect skin and lasts all day.

I’ve been pairing it up with Estée Lauder The Illuminator Primer* which is just beautiful. It gives the skin such a radiant glow. It hydrates, smooths and brightens for a dewy, healthy looking finish. I use it to prep my face for makeup, you can also apply it over your makeup to refresh throughout the day and add a little glow on the go.

I hope you found todays post interesting, have you tried Estée Lauder Double Wear, how about the Illuminating primer? They’re both available at Debenhams.

Thanks for reading,

Victoria xo


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