A taste of luxury / visiting the new Mathew Curtis hair salon at Rosewood Sense Spa, London

The moment you step through the iconic, iron gates into the beautiful courtyard of the Rosewood hotel you know that you are about to experience something special. Housed in a beautifully renovated Edwardian mansion, the five star hotel is located just a five minute walk from Covent Garden in Holborn, which makes it the perfect indulgent spa weekend destination.

Like the rest of the hotel, Sense Spa oozes style and tranquillity with bamboo walls and wooden floors that lead to soothing water features and a centralised relaxation lounge. Who doesn’t like to relax in style?!

The new Mathew Curtis boutique salon is located within Sense Spa, offering an intimate treatment atmosphere for those seeking a private ambience with personalized attention. It has been inspired by the Orient Express and the decadence of high living, with such beautiful decor and style.

Upon arrival I was kindly greeted by my lovely stylist Jason, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on several occasions and I would highly recommend. We had a little chat about my hair and the look I was going for, we discussed different ideas while having a refreshing cold drink.

I wanted to freshen up my balayage and get those nice ashy blonde tones back in my hair, as it tends to go a little brassy. Jason explained that he would have to use bleach to achieve this, which was absolutely fine with me. He started by sectioning my hair and hand painting individual pieces to achieve that natural balayage look.

Balayage is becoming more and more popular as a lot of celebrities love it and I have to say I much prefer it to the traditional highlights that foils give, it’s a lot more natural and less maintenance as it grows out beautifully and you can wear it longer between appointments. Jason used L’Oreal Professional Smartbond treatment which is a new protective and strengthening service that protect and strengthen the hair during bleaching/colouring. It’s kind of similar to Olaplex but much better in my opinion. My hair felt really soft and was noticeably shiny and healthy looking, as opposed to dry and brittle.

I was very kindly taken to the relaxation lounge to wait for the highlighting process, which really didn’t take long at all. This room is absolutely beautiful – a circular room in the centre of the spa with candles and gold-plated pillars reflecting the light! There is fresh fruit and healthy snacks to eat, also jugs of refreshments. It was so nice to relax in the lounger while sipping a nice cup of green tea.

After a little while Jason took me back to the salon to have my hair washed, he applied a toner to neutralise all the brassiness, he then cut my hair by getting rid of the dead ends and adding a few layers to frame my face. He followed with a blow dry, which left my hair feeling so light and bouncy.

I left the salon very happy and pleased with the results. I absolutely adore the colour and style, thank you so much! I would highly recommend the Mathew Curtis salon if you are looking to experience a five-star hair treatment, my stylist Jason is absolutely brilliant, you can check out his work here.


Thanks so much for reading, Happy Friday!

Victoria xo


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