Pretty Pastel Nails for Spring / Nails Inc

Spring has finally sprung, which makes me very happy! I’m so exited to start wearing pretty bright colours on my nails again, instead of nudes and neutrals. I especially love pastel shades – pale lilacs and peaches are some of my favorites. So I wanted to share with you a collection I’m currently loving.

I used to be an Essie girl but ever since discovering Nails Inc I’ve totally converted 🙂 I have a nail rack displayed on my wall where I love to store all my latest nail varnishes and recently I have become pretty obsessed with Nails Inc. I love their packaging and the square shaped bottle with white lid, so pretty and very instgrammable too!

The quality of their polishes is so good, they are opaque and creamy and go on smoothly rather then streaky. Two coats give the perfect coverage.

Being a nail technician I can be quite picky when choosing a brand to work with but I really like Nails Inc and highly recommend them.

I wanted to share with you their new Spring collection* including four gorgeous pastel shades: Pink (Harrington Gardens), Lilac (Cambridge Grove), Peach (Chelsea Lane) and Mint (Dovehouse Green). I like all of them they’re so fresh and perfect for Spring and Summer. They are also very long wearing and last on my nails without chipping over a week, which is pretty fab!

What’s your favourite shade?


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Victoria xo


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