Sleepover at the Zoo!? My Lookout Lodge Experience at Whipsnade

A couple of weeks ago I had one of the most exiting experiences in my life and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! well I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at one of Whipsnade Zoo’s cute Lookout Lodges, which was absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity for any animal lover to escape everyday life for a very special night.

The fun began at 4:30 at the Zoo Lodge reception, where we were greeted with a much welcome glass of prosecco (don’t mind if I do) and first met our lovely hosts. The itinerary for the evening was shared, while we were allocated lodges, which all have fun (you guessed it) animal themed names.

There were eight beautiful wooden lodges set in a lovely fenced off area among the trees, we had the Elephant Lodge which has a little veranda with two deck chair and as you go in there were two beds, a pull-out sofa bed, a desk with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a kettle. Some toiletries, linen and towels – everything you could possibly need.

After we settled in with a nice cup of tea and squeezed in a few fun photos, it was time to go on our first tour of the evening through the continents of Asia and Africa. We started by feeding the beautiful Bongos, (a shockingly rare chestnut red with white stripes antelope) their supper of apple and cabbage. Then on to see and learn about the humoungus white rhino’s living at the zoo. I bet you didn’t know an adult male can weigh over two tons, and eat 120lbs of grass a day! Finally off to see the pride of lions settling down for the night. It was so very interesting to find out more about each animal species and the private safari-truck tour around the Zoo at sunset a very special experience indeed. The views were beautiful as the sun went down behind the Woburn hills.

When the tour was over we were taken to the restaurant for dinner and drinks, there were so many delicious foods to choose from including plenty of vegetarian options which suited us perfectly. We even had a cheeky glass of wine 🙂

Afterwards we headed out on a torchlight stroll to see some of the animals as never seen before. It was something special to see them at night as you would never usually get to do so, and to make it even more magical, a bellow of lion roars filled the night sky as the pride stretched their vocal cords to the max….

Once back at our lodge it was time to relax and have a nice cup of hot chocolate before climbing into bed and reflecting on the experience so far. I forgot to mention there were wash facilities with showers and toilets a short stroll from the lodges, which was perfect for those late night ‘calls of nature’ 🙂

The beds were so cozy and comfy, there’s even a little heater in the lodge and extra blankets to keep us warm. After all that fresh air and excitement, we slept really well.

I woke up extra early which is not like me at all but I was so exited to take some sunrise photos and sit on the veranda enjoying a cup of coffee. It was a beautiful morning, the air fresh and all I could hear were birds tweeting. It was very relaxing and tranquil.

We rode the safari truck to breakfast served up at Wild Bite Cafe. So many yummy foods on offer including full cooked breakfast, pastries, fruit and plenty of hot and cold drinks to enjoy.

Now with tummy filled, I was so exited for the morning tour of the zoo around the Africa and European areas. It was such fun helping to feed the animals their breakfast. The Lemurs so inquisitive and fiesty, were very entertaining as I’m sure you can imagine. The gorgeous two female brown bears were super cute having heard us coming and so sat down at the special feeding spot waiting ever so patiently for breakfast. The keepers were infinately knowledgable on all the species we visited, and included fun facts about individuals of each animal too, as they all have very different characters and mannerisms. We left feeling truly enlightened after such a beautiful insight into the animal kingdom.

We checked out of our lodges and went to explore the Zoo, as you get two days access included in the Lodge package and also free car park, it was really nice driving around exploring and taking photos.

I’m sure you will, as we did, find the whole Lookout Lodge package and experience, great value for money and a truly spiritual encounter.

You can find out more information and book your Lookout Lodge experience here.


Thanks so much for reading, happy Monday!

Victoria xo



    • Victoria
      August 22, 2017 / 10:27 am

      aw thanks babe, it was such a lovely experience x

    • Victoria
      August 25, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      Yes it really was, I’d highly recommend it 🙂 x

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