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Hi guys! I have been dying to share a recap of my recent trip to Barcelona with you all and I am finally sitting down to do just that! Life has been extremely busy since I got back a few weeks ago so I apologize for the delay in sharing this recap with you! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about Barcelona, our travel and hotel stay and also what I wore out 🙂

It was the first time my husband and I were visiting Barcelona and we completely fell in love with this historical and architecturally stunning city! There was something so special about the air there that I just can’t describe. For such a busy city there was something that seemed so calm and peaceful about it.

We traveled with Vueling Airlines* – a Barcelona based low-cost airline offering affordable flights to, from and within Spain. We’ve never flown with them before but I have to say it was such a pleasant flight, the service was brilliant and all the staff were lovely.

When we landed in Barcelona, we had transport arranged to take us to our first hotel – Sercotel Barcelona Gate* located in Sant Joan Despi, the hotel was about 15 mins away from the airport, which was pretty good. Barcelona Gate hotel is a 4-star hotel, our room was spacious, modern and very functional and has everything you would need, all the staff were very helpful and friendly.

The second hotel we visited was Novotel Barcelona Sant Joan Despi* another lovely 4-star hotel, with beautiful garden, restaurant and a poolside terrace. The service and staff were absolutely brilliant and very friendly. Our room was spacious, contemporary in design and perfect for all all our needs.

Our favorite thing about Barcelona is that it has a little bit of everything. A visit to this beautiful Spanish city means a healthy dose of culture, more art and amazing architecture than you’ll know what to do with, some of the most renowned restaurants in the world, quick access to the beach any time you’d like, and an incredibly rich history. Sounds pretty perfect right! If you’re considering a trip here with your girlfriends, take it from me: You can’t go wrong with a trip to Barcelona!

There is so much to see in Barcelona, and unless you’re there for an extended stay, it’s impossible to catch a glimpse of everything. That being said, a bike tour is a great way to see more of the city than you’re able to on foot. We saw so many people riding bikes and it’s definitely something were going to do next time.

The beaches of Barcelona are a top attraction in the summer, we absolutely loved it there went every single day. We would normally get a taxi to the beach front and then walk along the sea to all the beaches. But bear in mind that there are 5 miles of beaches in one continuous stretch and it can take a long time to walk round. For city beaches they are pretty good and have excelllent faciliteis.

So here are some of my favourite photos, all the swimwear/beachwear is from Debenhams*

My heart sunk to hear of the recent terror act which marred this beautiful city. I plea for this not to deter you from experiencing all it has to offer, as It certainly has not us as we eagerly plan our return.


Thanks so much for reading,

Victoria xo


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