Bringing Fashion Flair to the Catwalk! 24 Hours in Milan with Huawei

Happy Saturday guys, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

I have literally been so exited to share with you my recent trip to Milan with global tech brand Huawei – a brand I absolutely love and have been supporting for quite a while. We had an incredible time from start to finish and I’m so exited to tell you all about it…

I was picked up early on Thursday morning as Huawei had arranged an Addison Lee to collect me from my house, and take me to the airport where I was meeting the rest of the group. I had never traveled from London City Airport before, and was very pleasantly surprised how lovely and quiet it was, which made the journey stress free. Upon arrival we all met, checked in and had coffee together at the departures lounge before boarding.

We arrived in Milan in less than two hours, where a car was waiting to take us to our hotel. It was a glorious day and I was feeling very excited taking in the beautiful surroundings.

We were staying at Melia Milano, a beautiful modern 5 star hotel in a great location (only half an hour from the airport)

We sat down for breakfast, coffee and a little briefing on the itinerary for the day. Then handed the gorgeous new Huawei P30 Pro which, it would be fair to say I am utterly obsessed with. It has totally replaced my iPhone, with it’s many amazing features, and the quality of the photos it takes is just incredible (pretty much all the photos I’ve shared here, have been taken on it). This phone has risen my Instagram/selfie game to a whole new level! Here is a link if you want to read a bit more about the device, and its super cool features.

We checked into our rooms, and honestly they were just WOW! I did document and share the trip on my Instagram story and quite a few of you messaged to say how amazing the hotel looks…

After a quick outfit change and some photos, we headed to lunch. La Tradizionale, a lovely traditional Italian restaurant, was an excellent choice with absolutely delicious food, and some of the best wine I’ve tasted!

After lunch we headed to the much anticipated event venue for a quick briefing. It was all top secret and under embargo at this point, so we were permitted to take photos, but forbidden to share any on social media until later that evening.

So, the big reveal and the purpose behind our trip to Milan was to witness the launch of Fashion Flair – Huawei’s latest project/collaboration with fashion designer Anna Yang ANNAKIKI. It represents the next chapter of Huawei’s Humanly Possible story and the worlds first fashion collection co-created by Artificial Intelligence and human expertise. Amazing right! So we got to interview the designer and have some photos taken before going back to the hotel to freshen up and prepare for the event and dinner later on.

I was so exited by this point but also feeling a bit weary from all the traveling, but nothing a little power nap and more coffee couldn’t fix. Then it was time to get my glam on, ready for the party. With cars waiting to take us to the venue – superStudio+ which looked absolutely incredible, Huawei went all out (as per usual) there was a lot of press and international celebrities attending. We were greeted and taken to the VIP area for champagne and canapés and obviously more photos. The atmosphere was amazing and we all felt very exited for the show to start. No less than front row tickets, so we can capture some amazing photos and videos on the new Huawei P30 Pro unobstructed.

Huawei’s latest project has been absolutely incredible, using the power of AI to positively change the fashion industry, by developing the world’s first AI driven fashion collection. They have used artificial intelligence to provide a creative starting point for designers to bring in a new era of fashion design. And so Fashion Flair is the next chapter of Huawei’s Humanly Possible story.

Huawei trained a HUAWEI P30 Pro with tens of thousands of images from the most iconic fashion shows in the last 100 years, to create a Huawei Fashion Flair app. By setting basic parameters such as colour, shape, length and pattern within the app, designers can use the HUAWEI P30 Pro to generate an infinite number of dress designs that can be used as a source of inspiration to complete a garment.

To add the human element to their technology innovation, they partnered with creative mastermind Anna Yang, the Creative Director and founder of ANNAKIKI, to develop a 20 piece collection which was unveiled at this fashion show. To celebrate the first ‘Fashion Flair’ collection, Anna Yang chose to use the colour range of the HUAWEI P30 Series products, in combination with the outputs of the AI app. The four most significant garments in the collection reflects the shimmering colours of the latest Huawei products: Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Aurora and Black. The final outfits in the ANNAKIKI for Huawei collection are the expression of a strong personality, characterised by energetic vitality, femininity, self-confidence and determination.

It was an incredible show and I felt so grateful to have been able to experience it live here in Milan. Clean Bandit performed at the end of the show which was such a lovely surprise as I love the band. We all headed to the after party, to celebrate and have a few more cheeky glasses of champagne… before heading back to the hotel.

After just a few hours sleep it was time to get ready for breakfast, pack and head back to London. Thanks again for the most amazing 24 hours in Milan Huawei!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any questions at all just leave them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, wishing you a wonderful day!

Victoria xo


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