Since having my hair highlighted I’m always on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it hydrated and add a bit of shine. I have recently really been enjoying the Redken Diamond Oil Glow range* it smells delicious and contains some really lovely ingredients, which help condition and hydrate your hair. All the products in the range are perferfect for giving you that lightweight shine and great to use before a blow dry.

I have been using the shampoo and detangling conditioner, it’s very gentle and perfect for fine blonde hair and detangles and conditions really well.

Another product as part of the same range is Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Shine Oil* The packaging of the whole range is absolutely gorgeous but especially this blow dry oil, it comes in a pink glass diamond bottle it’s so beautiful! It smells divine and I love using it on the ends of my hair to add that extra bit of shine and hydration.

I’ve also recently been using the new Redken Clean Maniac Micellar Clean-touch Shampoo* which is perfect for deep cleansing your hair/scalp especially if you exercise a lot like me (and get sweaty hair 🙂 it gets rid of product buildup in your roots and it’s great if you use many styling products such as hairspray or dry shampoo etc.

Last but not least I have a deep conditioning hair mask from Purology that I absolutely love. I have heard such great things about the brand but I haven’t actually tried that much from them. It’s the Purology Superfood Hydrate treatment* with avocado and coconut oil. This honestly is one of the best hair masks I have ever used, it smells lovely and makes my hair so super soft, it’s perfect if you have dry, bleached hair, it honestly is a Godsent.

I absolutely love these products and they really have made such a difference to my hair. I’d love to know what’s your current hair care routine and your go-to pamper products? Any recommendations?

Have a wonderful week loves,

Thanks for reading, Victoria xo


Happy Friday beauties, and happy 1st of December! Where has the year gone?!

I was recently invited to visit Live True London, which is a lovely hair and beauty salon in Vauxhall, so today I want to tell you all about my experience getting my hair done.

I’ve never been to Live True before but I’ve heard some great things about the salon from fellow bloggers and friends, so I was really looking forward to my appointment. The salon was really easy to get to from central London and only a 5 minute walk from the tube station.

Upon arrival I was kindly greeted by my lovely stylist Paco, who was super sweet. I told him all about my hair and the look I was going for, we discussed ideas while having a nice cup of coffee 🙂

I absolutely love the beautiful decor of the salon! Big ornate mirrors, gorgeous chandeliers … it’s very much my style.

I wanted to freshen up my balayage and also get some subtle highlights done in the top section of my hair, to get those nice ashy blonde tones back. Paco explained that he would have to use bleach and foils to achieve the desired look, which was absolutely fine with me.

He used Redken Professional and Olaplex, a treatment that protects and strengthens the hair during bleaching and colouring. I have had Olaplex done in the past and it honestly does wonders to my hair, it makes it really soft and healthy looking, as opposed to dry and brittle.

I was very kindly offered some light refreshments while waiting for the highlighting process,  I also had my manicure done, I opted for a bronzey/gold shimmer, perfect for the festive season. The nail technician Edyta was so lovely and very professional, she did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her, here is a link to her work.

After a little while my stylist took me to have my hair washed, he applied two different ash toners to neutralise all the brassiness, he then cut my hair to get rid of the dead ends and added a few layers to frame my face. He followed with a blow dry, which left my hair feeling so light and bouncy.

I left the salon very happy and pleased with the results. I absolutely adore the colour and style, thank you so much! I would highly recommend Live True London if you are looking to experience a five-star hair treatment, my stylist Paco is absolutely brilliant, you can check out his work here.

I also wanted to mention some of the products I have been using at home to maintain my colour, which were recommended to me by my stylist. They’re all by Redken – a brand I truly love. So I have been using the ‘All Soft’ range (shampoo + conditioner) which is perfect for nourishing dry, highlighted hair. It also contains a Protein Complex and Omega 6 enriched Argan oil to give your hair that lovely softness and shine.

Then I’d follow up with the Blonde Idol hair mask, which I like to leave on for a about 15 minutes to deep condition my hair, it’s pretty amazing! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my story last week all about the products I use and the order I use them in.

I have also been using Olaplex No.3 home treatment once a week which really helps strengthen and condition weak/highlighted hair, and it really does work!

It’s very easy to use just dampen your hair and towel-dry, then apply 1-3 teaspoons of Olaplex No.3 evenly through your hair and leave on for 10 to 30 minutes before rising out.

As my last step I would apply Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave in treatment, which helps with breakage and to strengthen weak hair, it also contains Protein which I have noticed really helps after any chemical treatments.

So many of you have asked me hair related questions ever since I’ve had my hair highlighted, so hopefully I have managed to answer all of them, but if not please feel free to leave them below 🙂


Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day,

Victoria xo


One of my New Year’s resolutions has been to try and be a little bit more organised and keep my life as scheduled as possible, and buying pretty new stationery always seems to help me get motivated 🙂 There’s something very exciting about opening a new notebook, or having a new diary to add all of your upcoming holidays and special events, that you are looking forward to!

For me working freelance means focusing on multiple things at once so having several different notebooks helps me make this easier, or at least that’s what I tell myself. I literally write down every single thing I need to do at the beginning of the day, which also helps me be more productive. Being a list writer means I have an excuse to get pretty new stationary to write all my to-do lists and blog post ideas in 🙂

To be honest I’m not very good at multi-tasking, and I actually prefer single-tasking, which is where you concentrate on one task at a time, working on it until it’s complete, rather than jumping from one to another and getting nothing done (in my case) I find this to be by far the most effective way of working for me, I know they say that women are supposed to be able to multi-task but I personally can’t 🙂 I write drafts of all my posts for the week, then schedule them to post, rather than having to write one each day. I also try to take my blog photos at the same time too, so I have them ready to be used, when I need them. Single-tasking really helps me concentrate on one thing at a time, then frees up my mind to focus on the next!

I also like setting targets/goals for myself and then ticking them off, there’s nothing more satisfying then that right!? I set goals for various things, they could be set weekly or monthly, even for the year. Working towards targets really helps to motivate me.

Planning is another important step for me, I don’t have a planner as such but again I like to write all my planned blog posts/videos in a notebook. I use my diary to write down the dates of any blog deadlines I have coming up, as well as blogger appointments, meetings and events.

I recently got some beautiful new stationery from Skinnydip London* and I thought I’d share it with you. Skinnydip is one of my favourite places to shop for cute phone cases, bags and of course stationery.

So here are all the things I got and a link to where you can find them.

Flamingo Pencil Case

Cactus Diary

Flamingo Notebook

Hustle Hard Notebook

Flocked Pencil Pack

Holo Pencil Pack

Anyone else a fellow stationery addict? 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed todays post and please do let me know if you have any tips on how to stay organised and get motivated.

Thanks so much for reading guys, Happy Saturday!

Victoria xo